Assistant Manager

"Swallow your pride, understand your strengths and weaknesses, because we each have them and truley embrace a student mentality."



Nick Strahsburg(Assistant Manager):

Nick Strahsburg was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. He started working at an early age of 13, lending a hand with odd jobs for patio and construction companies. This instilled his unsurpassed work ethic.

During his high school years Nick was part of The Theophilus Speech and Debate Team. He learned how to public speak and clearly articulate his ideas in high pressure situations. These skill have proven to propel him into his career growth here at InStile Acquisitions.

Through out the years Nick worked his way up to the top of a patio design company working as the project manager and crew leader.  “I was proud of my accomplishments at an early age, but the growth and opportunity at the company quickly ran out,” Nick stated.

Nick attended Bethel School of Ministry in Northern California. There Nick studied theology. “Nick is very well rounded. I believe that he learned how to be humble and to have integrity thought his education,” say Morgan Stiles, InStile’s President.

InStile Acquisitions became the opportunity for growth and a life long career that Nick was searching for “ The ability to control my career and to work with incredible people has been exactly what I’ve been looking for. InStile became that outlet for me,” said Nick.

Nick is now rapidly excelling at the company and is loving every bit of it. Nick sums it up this way “I love what I do, plain and simple, I think that’s one of the most important thing to go after when searching for a career and the most amazing aspects about where I’m at is that I can finally look forward to the next 5-10 years of my life with the opportunity in my hands.”