Human Resources

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" - Pepi Saitoski



Pepi Saitoski (Director of Human Resources)


Pepi, full name Shpresime Saitoski, originally from Albania. She moved to Wisconsin at the age of 2 years old. Pepi grew up in Racine, WI and after high school decided to pursue Business Administration at a local community college, UW Parkside. While spending a year at Parkside, she realized she wanted something more. Pepi ended up transferring to the University of Milwaukee where she changed her major to Health Care Administration and minor in Business Administration.

Pepi’s last semester of college she interned at one of Milwaukee’s biggest and most notarized health care facilities. There she realized that it didn’t matter how large a company or their notary was, it wasn’t the atmosphere or culture she truly wanted to be a part of. “The team environment within the office has a big influence on how successful one actually is, and it’s a huge impact on how well I wanted to perform on a daily basis.”  Pepi admits.

After graduating in December of 2011 she immediately found her position at InStile Acquisitions after their expansion here. Pepi values working with InStile Acquisitions for several reasons, and the culture is certainly one of them.

“Now from working at InStile, it has shown how dedication and strong work ethic can lead a company to succeed, expand and I’ve witnessed that first hand. The coolest part of my job is watching others become success and reach their professional goals, all-along while I’m reaching mine. It is by far the greatest feeling!”

Pepi admits, “It feels rewarding being more than just a Human Resource Manager, but more so a business partner to Morgan Stiles, working and watching her to expand this organization.”

Pepi wishes to help InStile Acquisitions exceed and grow to reach all of their goals within the company.