Meet The President

"How you do anything, is how you do everything" - Morgan Stiles

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Morgan Stiles (CEO & President):

Morgan graduated from The University of Akron with a double major in International Business and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Starting her freshman year of college as a Public Relations intern at Clear Channel Communications, Inc. She soon moved her way  to a full time PR coordinator position. Down the line once again working her way to The Public Relations Director of Clear Channel Communications, all while still pursuing her degree full time. “Out working everyone; was something that was ingrained into my head as a young girl. If I didn’t want to be the average person, live an average lifestyle, drive the average cars then I was going to have to work harder than anyone else I knew for my success and the life I envisioned to live.” Morgan said.

After graduation Morgan moved to the windy city of Chicago, IL to pursue a career in Marketing and Public Relations industry. Morgan thought she met her dream career after landing a position as the Director of Public Relations and Event Planning for a reality show on Bravo Television. She soon found how much the Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing “world” revolved around direct sales, having not much experience in the sales industry she realized there was still more out there that she didn’t in fact know. She says that she has always enjoyed interacting with people, so a cMorgan speaking twoareer in sales where she felt the sky could be the limit just made sense. “I’m just a people person. I absolutely love meeting and learning from all types of people, regardless of their background. It is what has helped me grow as a person, and business professional up to this point of my life.” Morgan worked for the television show for over a year before making her next career decision into an entry level account manager position with training. “My thought process for taking an entry level position coming from a Director position was this; I did not know the sales industry and I was humble enough to stand there and say I don’t know something, teach me, I want to learn. But this also wasn’t just any entry level sales position to me it was an opportunity for me to grow within the organization and learn how to manage my own business if I worked hard enough to earn the opportunity.” Morgan said.

When asked what was the drivMorgan speakinging force behind her decisions, Morgan states “I live every day to the absolute fullest chasing my dream of what I feel is really success, I’m not afraid of failure, I live to perfect my craft. So I take every shot I get, put full effort into everything I do, I don’t take shortcuts and I out work everyone I know. Life isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about the legacy lead and the footprints you want to set. If you don’t take chances because of your fear of failure then you stay stag-net. I saw an opportunity to make my dream a reality and I didn’t take a break till it became that. So, I’m looking forward to passing those opportunities along to other individuals in my office. InStile Acquisitions will conquer our dreams together.”