Managing Partners


Andrew Guss (Madison, Wisconsin Office Manager): Andy is from Grafton, WI. He went to school and graduated from UW Whitewater. While at Whitewater, Andrew worked as the radio station manager. There he accomplished tasks that kept the station ahead of other similar formatted radio stations. He brought the station an incredible online presence with streaming live radio running a 24/7 operation with the funding of new automation software.

After Graduation Andrew managed Toppers Pizza for over six years.  Each position he has ever held, Andrew has excelled in running the operations. Andrew’s goal is to become responsible for the success of others and develop long lasting relationships.  He has a knack for being a social butterfly, and solving problems may be my favorite thing to do.  Andrew is always trying to perfect his skills, whether its customer service, customer retention, or advertising. Andrew takes pride in working closely with his client and co-worked to succeed their benchmarks and goals.

Searching for a career change into marketing and sales brought Andrew to InStile Acquisitions. “A student mentality is the key. Be a problem solver and compete whenever possible.” Andrew states, “Have open communication with your manager and co-workers, share goals and form a common vision.





photo(8)Eric Forrestal  (Dayton, Ohio Office Manager) : Eric was raised in the small town of East Troy, WI thirty minutes south of Milwaukee. Growing up the youngest in a large family he developed strong values, a great student mentality and a true competitive attitude. Eric graduated from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy and worked as a professional massage therapist for 6 years running his own business before looking for change. Eric found that change by taking an entry level position in a fast paced marketing firm in Milwaukee, WI that had a large opportunity for growth.  After finding the opportunity here at InStile Acquisitions, Inc. Eric quickly excelled in the business to consumer relationships and was promoted to Assistant Management in July 2013 and October 2013 opened our newest firm in Dayton, Ohio.  With a history of helping others with massage therapy, Eric is still able to do so by providing management opportunities to others as well as helping clients obtain a vast array of quality consumers.  Eric states “this is a business of opportunity built on integrity and hard work. It is the only business where you get back 100% of what you put in; from the first day I started I knew this was the last thing I would do for the rest of my life!”